Australia’s Harness Racing Betting Online

Are you an enthusiastic horse racing bettor looking for something a little different? Then you should discover the thrilling sport of harness racing, and of course, use our site’s comparative and detailed list to find Australia’s best harness racing betting sites and resources! Harness racing is a little different than regular horse racing, as it sees the horses moving at a controlled gait, such as a trot.

These horses do not usually carry the jockey on their backs as one would expect from regular horse racing. Instead, the jockey rides behind the horse, being pulled in a small cart. This different method makes harness racing an exciting variation on this much loved sport. If you are an adventurous bettor who likes to mix things up a bit, then harness racing betting is the best possible avenue for you to explore.

The dynamics of a race change significantly with the introduction of a horse pulled cart and a controlled pace, such as a trot. Instead of the horses just thundering down the track as fast as possible, this form of racing sees the contenders having to maneuver with the cart. This makes this form of racing very exciting and, at times, quite unpredictable, which is what makes harness racing betting so popular amongst horse racing betting enthusiasts.

The betting sites we details and list on our site offer you a great many resources. You will find that many of the sites provide you with brilliant guides, containing expert advice and well curated statistics. Having this knowledge at your fingertips is so helpful, as it allows the punter to make a well informed bet. You will want to find out the condition of horses, the weight of jockeys, the horses trainer’s track record and any injuries or other influencing factors that may hold sway over the results of the day’s race.

Checking out this information before placing your bet can make all the difference in your harness racing betting success, so do take advantage of the great advice and guidance on offer. Our list of Australia’s best betting sites and platforms for harness racing is filled to the very brim with solid advice that will see you coming out ahead in your bets.

TOP harness racing betting SITESOctober 2018
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3 IE allowed4.8/5$501 AUD Bonus Bet Bet now

The Top Harness Racing Betting Picks

On many of the sites we list, there are experienced punters and horse racing analysts providing horse racing tips and picks. Take advice from these experts when you are taking part in harness racing betting, and you may just clinch victory and be rewarded! Furthermore, many of the sites are offering up to the minute analysis and tips, ensuring that you are kept privy to all of the relevant information you will need to make a bet that pays off in great dividends. When you first start off in harness racing betting, you will see that good advice will stand you in good stead, and you will love all of the options open to you when you search our list of Australia’s best betting sites.